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How correctly make measurement and choose ring size?

We recommend to make measurement with finger sizer - jewelry tool that provides most reliable and exact measurement. Please, make a measurement at any jewelry stores or studios nearby. Find your size according to size chart table below.

Paper strip is a method to make a measurement without any special devices. Take 5-7mm width paper strip and tightly wrap it around finger. Mark the point where paper strip connected with it's end. Measure received length. This number is inner circumference. Choese ring size  according to size chart table below. 

Note, we can not be responsible for result of paper strip method.

We recommend to choose bigger ring size if you are going to wear set of rings on one finger or if you are in doubt between two sizes. Important to know, fingers sizes on right and left hands can differ.  Also, size can change because of body and ambient temperature or other conditions and factors.

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